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Qnap disk full

Questa è la procedura consigliata da qnap.
1. Power off the NAS. Remove the HDD
2. Power on the NAS without any disk attached
3. After a short beep and a long beep,Run QNAP Finder, it will find the NAS.
Note: Do not re-initialize when the QNAP Finder prompt a message, if you have some useful data in the disk
4. Plug all disks back to NAS in original order.
push in till the previous HDD led flashes constantly green.(Not Blinking)
5. Connect the NAS by SSH port 22, login as admin
(Putty Tutorial: http://www.webmasters-central.com/artic … sh-client/)
(Mac user please open Terminal and type: ssh admin@your_NAS_IP)
6. Issue the commands to check disk space
# config_util 1
# storage_boot_init 1
# storage_boot_init 2

Then you should be able to remove the files.

use “rm” to delete some file at /share/MD0_DATA
NAS system need 5% free space for operation.

after you delete files OK.

reboot NAS

# reboot