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How to reset the lost or forgotten root password in vCenter Server Appliance 6.7 U1 and later

Steps for How to reset the lost or forgotten root password

  1. Connect SSH to VCSA 6.7 and login using administrator@vsphere.local where vsphere.local is your default SSO Domain
    – If disabled, enable SSH using the VAMI ( https://<vcenter_fqdn>:5480 )
    – Can login as administrator@vphere.local or any other administrator
    – Enable or Disable SSH and Bash Shell Access
  2. If first time logging in, enable shell then enter shell
    – shell.set –enable true
    – shell
  3. Once in shell as sso-user, run the below command to change to root shell
    – sudo passwd root
    – Insert new root password
  4. Now you can exit the session by running the exit or logout command and then log in through a new SSH session using your root account with updated password. Alternatively, you could run the su command in order to be prompted for the root password and get access as root