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Autocad 2010 errore licenza in avvio.

Upon receiving a distress call for AutoCAD 2010 not connecting to the license server on a computer, I investigated the issue only to come up with: Error -5.412.0
Since there were multiple computers all connecting to the same server without a problem, I decided the computer affected had it’s own issues as opposed to my fear that the “license server” was having problems. Doing the good ol’ Google search on the issue, I came across an Autodesk forum where someone suggested deleting the CASCADEINFO.CAS file from the computer. Not having anything to lose at this point, I decided instead to rename the file and not delete it. Once I re-opened the AutoCAD 2010 software, the computer connected to the server without a problem!
So, all credit goes to the suggesting individual of the problem, but I am attempting to get more exposure to the fix as well as document the fix for future use.

Windows XP Navigate to:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Autodesk\Adlm

Windows 7 (Vista?) Navigate to:

Rename or Delete: